You need facts

Machining Processes

  • Facing

  • Threading

  • Drilling

  • Milling

  • Broaching

  • Grooving

  • Knurling

  • Sawing

  • High frequency spindle up to 60,000 rpm
    (milling, drilling, threading, etc.)

  • And many other operations both external and internal,
    front, back or lateral side of the part.

Production Equipment

  • We are equipped with CNC Swiss Turning Machines of leading Swiss brands.

  • 12 axis, high speed spindles, simultaneous operations and high production ratio.

  • Our different machines can cover all the small dimension, high precision manufacturing spectrum.

Materials we can work

  • Ferrous

  • Non-Ferrous

  • High Performance Alloys

  • Engineering Materials

  • Engineering Plastics

  • Thermoplastic

  • Thermosetting

Surface Roughness

  • We can achieve surface roughness better than 16 µin Ra (N5) if necessary (Material dependent).

Quality Assurance

  • Specialized sector for quality assurance with controlled temperature conditions according to international standards. Equipped with German and Swiss metrology instrumentation.

  • We have optical instruments, all kind of measurement instruments and standard traceable gauges blocks. Maintaining their traceability by following Good Measurement Practice.


  • Total Traceability System

  • Working in compliance with ISO, AS, FDA and other Standards and Good Practices

  • Lean Manufacturing

  • JIT (Just-in-Time)

  • We can comply with the standards and requirements you need

  • Production Planning System

  • Order Monitoring System

  • Tracking Documentation report with delivery

  • Quality and respect for delivery lead times

  • We are always looking for cutting waste (MUDA)
    and constant improvement (KAIZEN)