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Our Clients

We are proud of our experience with prestigious companies throughout the years, to whom we have contributed in projects that have an impact on society day after day.

  • 3M: Telecommunication

    Our contribution: pin connectors
    Projects duration: 5 years

  • Pirelli: Automotive industry
    Project: car brake hoses

    Our contribution: metal terminals
    Projects duration: 12 years

  • Valeo-Neimann: Automotive industry
    Proyect: locks and ignition keys

    Our contribution: internal pins and lock rotating drum
    Projects duration: 10 years

  • Cimpa/Nuova Fima: Manometers, temperature instruments, etc

    Our contribution: watchmaking axes and other parts of the mechanism
    Projects duration: 56 years to date

  • IBM: Computing
    Project: High speed printer, pin printer

    Our contribution: guiding bush and parts for moving mechanism
    Projects duration: 8 years

    Qualified by IBM as "Certified Quality". Thanks to the non-observed, non-rejected deliveries, our parts were used directly on the assembling line without requiring IBM's internal quality inspection

  • IBM: Computing
    Project: High speed printer in magnetic field

    Our contribution: Moving silicon steel parts for Printing
    Connector pins

    Projects duration: 10 years

    Qualified by IBM as "Certified Quality". Thanks to the non-observed, non-rejected deliveries, our parts were used directly on the assembling line without requiring IBM's internal quality inspection

  • Magneti-Marelli: Automotive industry
    Project: VDO car control panel

    Our contribution: VDO control panel watch parts
    Project duration: 1 year

  • INVAP: Aerospace and Nuclear Technology
    Project: Communication Satellite

    Our contribution: Titanium fixing screws for the satellite covers
    Project duration: 5 years to date

  • VENG: Aerospace
    Project: Rocket to put into orbit satellites

    Our contribution: kovar material parts for the safety system.
    Project duration: 5 years to date

  • ABT: Advanced Bio Technologies, Medical Devices.
    Project: Medical Implants

    Our contribution: Dental implants, dental accessories and Maxillofacial screws
    Projects duration: 12 years to date


Founded in 1936, the family business with an 80-year history is now in its fourth generation and continues a tradition that guarantees high-quality precision products.

At the beginning of the XX century, Moses Mazursky, a young entrepreneur from Russia, arrived to Argentina. Based on the metallurgic knowledge acquired during his work at a Russian agricultural machinery factory, he starts his own journey in the industry offering turning, welding, reparations and mechanism modification services.

Thanks to his fructiferous imagination, perseverance and innovation, he goes forward and establishes the Company bases.

Along the years, Bernardo, his son, continues with the business. He modernizes the company with Swiss automatic machines for the production of very small dimension parts.

Luis is the third family generation, who maintains the course of the service, offering high precision turned micro-parts and incorporating new Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machines.

Nowadays, Hernan represents the fourth generation, working together with Luis. Based on their family roots, they have started this ambitious project, creating a new enterprise dedicated to high precision mechanizing in the United States and collaborating with the “Advanced Manufacturing” growth.

The business project is closely intertwined with the family philosophy of continuous progress, pride for innovation, creativity, and the pleasure of making great products that contribute to mankind.

MazonTech History